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Wellness While Working  

 How Burned Out Are You Scale for Educators Edutopia

 4 Common Types of Yoga

 4 Ways Hobbies Boost Your Health

 Barack Obama’s 2024 Book List

 Professional Quality of Life (ProQol) Assessment 

 2024 Summer Movies List  Rotten Tomatoes

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  End of the Year Reflective Questions

 Host a Paint Party: Virtually or In-person

 What Pet Should I Get?

 12 Teacher Morale Boosters – The Counseling Teacher

 8 Ways Educators Can Build Resilience and Prevent Burnout- Elena Aguilar video 30 mins

15 Useful Tips for Stress Free Travel


Transformational Pedagogy

 The End of the Year Provides a Good Time to Reflect for Teachers- Edutopia video 2.5 mins

 The Ultimate End of the Year Checklist for Teachers

 How to Survive End of the Year Stress – NEA

Leading a Professional Book Club Over the Summer w/ an 8 min video

Organizing Affinity Groups to Talk About Racial Healing 

 If We Can Engineer Inequality, We Can Engineer Equality  Smart Brief article 5 min read

  10 Things Teachers Can Do Over the Summer- 9 min video

 10 Best White Privilege Books to Understand Your Role In This World  

 Resolving Trauma and How We Can All Be the Healing- Dr. Joy DeGruy- 54 min video

 Race, Empathy & White Psyche – Psychology Today

 Indigenous Healing from Trauma- Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart- 60 mins video

Talking About Mental Health in the Latinx Community- 1 hr video

What is Generational Trauma  – 15 min video

Racism and Mental Health Impact on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans – 1 hr video

                 Mental Health and LGBTQI Community Challenges and Resources – article includes video