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 Wellness While Working  

 How to Start a Wellness Program at Work

 Teachers Need Trauma-informed Care Too Edutopia article 5 min read

 Building Adult Capacity for Social Emotional Learning – Edutopia video and transcript

 How Childhood Trauma Can Make You A Sick Adult- Dr. Vincent Felitti ACEs Research 8 min video

 Professional Quality of Life (ProQol) Assessment 

 What is Microstress? Psychology Today article

 A Quick Self-Assessment of Well-being – Psychology Today

 When Students Are Traumatized, Teachers Are Too – Edutopia

 Relaxing Wind Chimes for Quiet Time at Work- video

Strengthen Your Social Connections at Work: Why Teachers Need Each Other

(It’s April) Turn the Tide on Teacher Morale – EdWeek



Transformational Pedagogy

 8 Tactics to Identify and Reduce Implicit Bias -Family Physicians Journal article 5 min read

 Redirect Behavior with PreK Little Ones -label all of the good teaching moves TikTok- 3 min video

 This will make you smile – Counting Backwards TikTok – 3 min video

 What is Age Appropriate Use of AI -Stages to Know About- EdWeek article  6 min read

 Using Tech to Facilitate Difficult Conversations in the MS & HS Classroom -Edutopia 5 min read

 Generational Strengths That Support Reaching & Teaching Gen Alpha – American College Ed article

 What Youth Learn When Gaming with Peers in a Different Country

 If We Can Engineer Inequality, We Can Engineer Equality  Smart Brief article 5 min read

 Quiz Yourself: How Much Do You Know About AI Readiness and Impact EdWeek

Using AI Tools to Lesson Plan – Edutopia

 Using AI Image Generators in World Language Classes -Edutopia 5 mins read

 Helping English Language Learners Decipher Tough Text – Edutopia 5 mins read

Teaching Brainstorming Skills in Special Ed  – Edutopia 5 mins read