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 Wellness While Working  

 9 Healthy Habits for Managing Stress During the Holidays

 Looking to de-stress, relax and recharge, try napping during holiday break

 10 Holiday Stressors and How to Cope with Them

 Professional Quality of Life (ProQol) Assessment 

 10 minute video easy yoga stretches for stress reduction 

 3 hour calming piano music- good for relaxation

 The 13 best herbal teas for stress reduction and brain health

 How to Reduce Stress with the 2:1 Breathing technique- 4 min video

14 Hilarious Teachers on Tiktok


Transformational Pedagogy

  40 Fun and Creative Activities for Preschoolers

Cultivating Resilience Podcasts Series

 28 Fun and Creative Activities for Elementary Age Children

 30 Engaging Activities for High School Age Youth

 24 Cozy Holiday Activities for Middle School Age Youth

 How School Counselors Can Have a Smooth Transition into the Holiday Break

 Kids Act Out Before Vacation for A Variety of Reasons- AI Bing

 Building Resilience Against Manipulative Misinformation

 The History of Holidays- History channel video series

 Which books are banned & where: A state by state Guide

 60 second White Board Relay- Quick visual assessment of learning Edutopia video

6 Helpful Tips for New Teachers- Edutopia video 

Discussing War and Conflict – Compilation of Resources for Parents and Teachers Learning for Justice 

 Using the Power of Compassion, Curiosity & Creativity to Lead During Times of Intense Change- Edutopia


 8 Inventions by Indigenous Americans- History Channel video 8 mins

 Banned Books Lesson: Teaching About Censorship in High School

Native American Flute and Rain Music video – great for mindful meditation moments

                                          As Book Bans Escalate: Here’s What You Need to Know- EdWeek