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Self-Care + Work + Life = Balance  

This is How Adversity Can Improve the Way You Think
                                    Epigenetics: Simple Explanation  Jack Mac video                           
 Supporting the Well-being of Staff
 Genograms: Discover Your Generational Family Strengths and Challenges
Self-care Assessment
Self-care for Teachers
 The Mindful Teacher Foundation
 2021 Theme: Valiant Women of the Vote   Women’s History Month website

      Transformational Pedagogy  

Epigenetics: Trauma Passed Down  Marcia Fine- video  
 Epigenetics: Birth of a White Nation  Jacqueline Battalora  video 
While the World Has Been Changing- Change Has Been Happening  Women Leaders Around the World
          Post-traumatic Slave Disorder  Joy DeGruy  video  
     White Supremacy as a Trauma Response  Resmaa Menakem
  Social psychologist and researcher, Claude Steele explains Stereotype Threat- video
 Native American Historical Trauma- video
Why Do We Call Asian Americans the Model Minority?
 Post-colonial Trauma and Latinos  Shirley Velasquez   video 

                                                                                        Damsels in Defiance: Activities for K-12

                                                                                15 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

                                                                  Women’s History Month: Women Around the World PBS videos   6-12th grades

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Q & A  CDC