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Self-Care + Work + Life = Balance  

Excellent 5 Minutes to Calm: Guided Meditation video
                          Self-Care for Teachers                           
 The Self-Care Wheel
 How Meditation Can Reshape Our Brains- Sara Lazar TedTalk
Self-care Assessment
 SpaceBetween Community- Mindfulness videos
Sample Practice Instructions – SpaceBetween
 1 minute Mindful moments during work day video

15 Ideas for Summer Wellness

Transformational Pedagogy  

 How Mindfulness Can Defeat Racial Bias

   Addressing Microaggressions in the Classroom

Virtual Teaching Practices With Staying Power

       The Mistake Friendly Classroom

How Educators are Approaching Summer Learning This Year
 National Safe School Opening Summit- Video
When Teachers Overcome Math Anxiety Students Benefit

       80 SEL Check-in Questions: Panorama

     Resources for Summer Slide and English Language Learners    

                         The Role of SEL in Re-Integrating to In-Person Learning to Guide Your Transition Plans

              Dealing With Sadness in School

                 Close the Year With Joyful Writing

                            The Magic Box- 5-12th grade: great end of the year project for collaborative pairs

                              Mystery Box: Making Observations & Collecting Data (good for visually impaired students also)

                       7 Virtual End of the Year Ideas