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 Wellness While Working    

 Self-care Can Be an Act of Social Justice

Teaching Behaved Brains Conference February 17-19th San Francisco: Strategies for Challenging, Disruptive Behaviors, Autism, ADHD, & Executive Functioning

Self-care Assessment – updated fillable form

 Professional Quality of Life (ProQol) Assessment 

Symptoms and Managing Compassion Fatigue

Positive Stress Can Help You be Happier and More Productive at Work

 Wellness Wheel Worksheet

 Sit with Your Unconscious Biases- guided meditation video- 15 mins

 How to Get Back to Teaching Routine After Holiday Break

 Self-Care and Re-Energizing CASEL

Mindfulness Reduces Biases, You May Not Know You Have

Transformational Pedagogy

 Civil Rights Act 1964- Wikipedia

Lyndon B. Johnson-36th President- Wikipedia

8 Major Accomplishments of President Lyndon B Johnson

Heroes of the Civil Rights Era for Kids- includes videos

Lesser-Known Activists in Civil Rights Era- 4 min video

 Learning for Justice Learning Plans

The Night Before the Dream – Read Aloud 3-5th grade levels with activity suggestions

Building Connections Across Communities 

Freedom Riders- A Multiracial Activist Group

Links to 20 Books for Kids about the Civil Rights Movement  

 120 Debate Topics for Middle and High School Students

 The Dress Incident- TikTok of White Woman’s Experience 1min

Real Rap with Reynolds- Teachers Talk About Race 1hr video-multiracial group

A Conversation with White People on Race (excellent starter for a White affinity group)

 The Biden Administration’s STEM Initiative and What it Means for K-12 Schools

Decarceration Begins with School Discipline Reform