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 Wellness While Working  

  How to Grow Teacher Well-being in Your School

 A Guide to Psychological Safety for Educators – Edutopia

The Brief Resiliency Scale- Positive Psychology

 Professional Quality of Life (ProQol) Assessment 

 How Humor, Hope and Gratitude Can Make You More Resilient

SEL and Teacher Well-being Webinar – CASEL 56 mins

 7 Ways to Sneak Mindfulness into Your Teaching Day: A Guide

 Symptoms of Burnout and What to do to Alleviate it.

 Re-train Your Brain to Have Positive Thoughts- Psychology Today

 How You Can Change Your Brain – Dr. Dan Siegel 4 min video

Transformational Pedagogy

 National Hispanic/Latinx Month- background info

Cultivating Resilience Podcasts Series

Latinos for Education – advocacy website

 How can you tell this ESL teacher has created an environment where learning is fun- 3 min TikTok

Educational Games to Share with your Families

 K-12 Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month Resource Guide – Curated by Michael Tapia Fall 2022

Compassionate School Leadership Academy: A Path Forward to Lift Schools Up

 5 Strategies to Help Teachers Continue to Educate for Diversity & Inclusion

 FL Churches & Groups step up to teach Black History and banned books

 Which books are banned & where: A state by state Guide

 How Some Students are Responding to Book Bans

 What Students are saying about banned books

Links to websites for raising funds for your classroom

 Using the Power of Compassion, Curiosity & Creativity to Lead During Times of Intense Change- Edutopia

 What We Lose When a Book is Banned- TedTalk Kids 5:18 mins

 This TedTalk May Be Banned in Schools- Jonathan Friedman 18 mins

 Banned Books Lesson: Teaching About Censorship in High School

 Learning for Justice Magazine  Fall 2023

                                          As Book Bans Escalate: Here’s What You Need to Know- EdWeek