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Self-Care + Work + Life = Balance  

10 mins Guided Meditation w/ Haille Thomas- Mindfulness Practitioner
                          Self-Care for Teachers                           
 The Self-Care Wheel
 Genograms: Discover Your Generational Family Strengths and Challenges
Self-care Assessment
 SpaceBetween Community- Mindfulness videos
Sample Practice Instructions – SpaceBetween
 1 minute Mindful moments during work day video


Transformational Pedagogy  

 EdWeek  Q & A with Ed Secretary Michael Cordona: Summer Learning, Mental Health & State Tests

   Addressing Microaggressions in the Classroom

 Why Teacher Mindset Matters When It Comes to Racial Inequities

                Mommy, We Need to Fight Back- How Anti-Asian Aggression is Impacting One Educator’s Family

     How Five Superintendents Are Planning for 2021-22 School Year
 National Safe School Opening Summit- Video
 Principals Across Washington State On Education in the Time of COVID – video

       80 SEL Check-in Questions: Panorama

                 5 Ways to Get to Know Your Middle and High School Students

                         The Role of SEL in Re-Integrating to In-Person Learning to Guide Your Transition Plans

              Dealing With Sadness in School

                    8 Ways to Bolster Executive Functions in Teens & Tweens

                                  Florida Takes Innovative Approach to Reach Students Who are Homeless

Superintendents Share Lessons Learned During COVID 

                                            Lesson Plan – Connect SEL to the Brain (includes visuals)