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Self-Care + Work + Life = Balance  

 Renegades:Born in America Podcast Series with Pres Obama and Bruce Springsteen
    How Psychological Safety and Norms Affect the Workplace
Self-care Assessment – updated fillable form
 3 Ways Administrators Can Show They Care About Staff As People

                                                                     How to Manage Your Emotions at Work-Podcast with Jacob Morgan

 How to Prepare for Difficult Conversations
 A Simple Tool to Regulate Emotions: Teaching thru Trauma
 9 Ways to Practice Self Care During Your School Day-video

     5 Quick Stress Busters for Teachers               

     Mindfulness for Educators- video sharing how to structure mindfulness throughout your work day

Transformational Pedagogy  

 How Principals Can Banish Toxic Adult Behaviors
TikTok video of teacher integrating SEL check-in while greeting each student 

 The Mental Price of Affluence  12 min podcast with Suniya Luthar, Ph.D

CASEL free COVID resources: Keeping SEL in forefront for Educators, Parents & Caregivers

 The Curb Cut Effect  

                             Implicit Bias in Action video                                 

 Living Nations, Living Words Teacher Guide for Native American Heritage info
15 Classroom Activities, Books, Resources for Native American Heritage Month

                                      Teaching Students How to Give and Receive Quality Peer Feedback

   Native American Heritage Month Images 

 About Native American History Month

                                                      How to Build Cultural Affirming Schools 

7 Ways to Scaffold Writing for Students in ELL 

 Building a Better Check-in for Middle and High School Students   

Native American Leaders Past and Present

 List of Native Americans in Congress

                How An Emotionally Safe Classroom Fosters Learning: 5 Lovely Ways

Building Adult Capacity for Social Emotional Learning- video

5 Metacognitive Questions for Students Learning New Material

 Navigating Responses to Racism in Your School Community