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Self-Care + Work + Life = Balance   

 Helping Teachers Build Stronger Collegial Relationships
 What is Self Care and Why is It Important to your health? 
Self-care Assessment – updated fillable form
 Professional Quality of Life (ProQol) Assessment 

 Practice Self-Care Every Day at School- video 12 mins

Teacher Self Care is First Step Helping Students Cope with Trauma

 Wellness Wheel Worksheet

 Sit with Your Unconcious Biases- guided meditation video- 15 mins

 Want to Build Deeper Connections? Start With Yourself First

 Clearfield HS Mindfulness for Teachers and Students- 1 min video

 1 Minute Guided Mindfulness- video

Mindfulness Reduces Biases, You May Not Know You Have

Transformational Pedagogy

5 Strategies for Successful Parent/Teacher Conferences

 Parent/Teacher Conferences: Tips for Teachers

 15 Tips for Leading Productive Parent Conferences

 3 Ways to Shore Up Teachers’ Confidence After the First Weeks of School

Video Example of Parent/Child and Teacher Conference- 8 mins

A Conversation with White People on Race (excellent starter for a White affinity group)

  Video Real Rap with Reynolds- Conferencing with Families- 6 mins

 Speaking of Psychology: The Mental Price of Affluence

                                      Indigenous American Month/words matter- National Park Service

 Smithsonian, Library of Congress, National Endowment 4 the Arts etc. – Calendar of online events celebrating contributions of Indigenous Americans

 3 Key Arenas for Moving High-poverty Schools to High-performance

 Indigenous American Scientists and Engineers

 History of Indigenous American Mathematicians

Just 18- Really Awesome Indigenous Americans in STEM

                                            Native Hawai’i History and Culture

Learning for Justice- Fall 2022 Issue